Lung cancer: Early Symptoms You Have To Look out For

Because of the devastating effects of lung cancer when it is found out or diagnosed, it is very important that you are familiar with early signs or symptoms of lung cancer. Why is this so? You must understand that lung cancer takes a pretty long time to develop, sometimes years. It is very deceptive and can be misunderstood to mean other ailments. A full blown lung cancer can be very devastating, the reason been that the malignant cells would have spread to every part of the lungs and even beyond.

Therefore, early detection is very important. Below are some early symptoms or signs you should watch out for. If you observe any of these signs, act immediately.

• Persistent Coughing: A cough that refuses to go away and gets worse over time, which can even degenerates to coughing of blood.

• Fatigue: A constant loss of strength and energy resulting from exhaustion.

• Pneumonia or bronchitis: Repeated attacks and problems with respiratory disorder.

• Unusual Swelling: Swelling of the neck and face

• Constant chest pain: Repeated chest pain and discomfort

• Short breath: Shortness of breath, wheezing, or hoarseness

• Difficulties in swallowing: When swallowing food becomes increasing difficult.

• Abnormalities of the fingers or fingernails: the overgrowth of the tissues in the fingertips, such as clubbing which is a condition in which the ends of toes and fingers become wide and thick.

• Paleness of skin: When the skin changes to bluish coloration.

• Muscle atrophy or shrinkage: A decrease in size of the muscles.

• Swelling or pain in the joints: Increasing pains and discomfort in the joints or in the bones.

• Drooping of the eyelids: When the eyelids hang loosely or laxly or become limp.

• Development of breasts in men: An unusual growth of the breast in the male folks.

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Finally; it is important to understand that these symptoms may be caused by lung cancer or by other conditions. It is important to check with a doctor or medical personnel knowledgeable in such matters.