Triggers of Lung Cancers

I believe you know the old saying that “prevention is better than cure” When you know and understand the factors that triggers off lung cancer it will be wise and easy for you to avoid those factors in order for you to maintain a healthy life. Therefore; the purpose of this article is to highlight the sometimes overlooked triggers of lung cancer; trusting that you will be disciplined and wise enough to stay clear of such factors.


The most common trigger of lung cancer is smoking. Cigarette smoking accounts for about 90% of lung cancers globally. Tobacco is a highly addictive, that is why people who have formed the habit of smoking can hardly do without it. Every stick of cigarette smoked increases the risk of contacting lung cancer. Doctors reckon that a chronic cigarette smoker that has smoked two packs of cigarette per day for about ten years has a twenty-pack year smoking history and are therefore susceptible to lung cancer attacks.

Pipe and cigar smoking are also triggers of lung cancer. Though smokers in this class have lower risk of contacting lung cancer

Non Smokers

Non Smokers sharing, living or working with active smokers also stands the risk of contacting lung cancer. They inhale the smoke of the cigarette of their pals or colleagues every time they are at close quarters.

Free gas

In big cities across the world free gas are been emitted. Randon which occurs naturally in rocks and soil in certain areas. Natural gas decays to produce uranium. Uranium can form a product called radon which emits ionizing radiation. Radon gas is known to cause lung cancer in big industrial cities.


Those who work in asbestos producing factories or live close to these factories have been reported to be exposed to lung cancer.


Exposure to radiation, either through one's occupation or for medical reasons, such as repeated x-rays, though this is quite uncommon.

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